Private Wealth Management

Equity Broking

Norrwin Consulting Private Limited offers equity broking services to individuals and institutions, primarily in India. Our range of services spans across retail investments and trading, which include automated order placement and execution of equities, exchange-traded funds, option trades, mutual funds, fixed income, and cash management. We also provide advisory and asset management services to our retail clients.

Norrwin Consulting provides services through a vast network of financial advisors and relationship managers.

We also partner with independent financial advisors, and assist them in providing superior investment and wealth management services to their clients. Backed by experience, expertise and execution capabilities across investment products, these independent advisors are able to manage the individual portfolios of their customers more effectively.

Norrwin Consulting also provides advisors access to a variety of innovative and sophisticated wealth management products. This allows them to provide higher levels of service to their preferred clients, such as high net worth individuals.

Our range of products facilitates advisors in catering to the diverse and complex needs of these customers.

Fund Management

•  Whether you are looking for one off investment advice or a comprehensive financial plan,Norrwin Wealth Management can offer advice depending on your current     financial situation
•   Norrwin Wealth Management products are primarily designed to strike a balance between risk and return
•  Investing in an asset class represents a distinct level of risk and return, and each asset class behaves differently with time
•  By spreading investments over different asset classes, we protect the capital invested against significant losses in case the trends in a specific class move     unfavorably
•   We believe that diversification is a risk management technique which helps us in distributing investments over various options

Mutual Fund

• The Norrwin Wealth Management Mutual Fund advisory division offers investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio, by offering an assortment of investment schemes from all major mutual fund providers
• We start our analysis with understanding which sectors are the major ones to invest
• We follow that up with a detailed analysis of various mutual fund schemes which invest in stocks related to sectors which have potential
• Our research division analyzes and rates mutual funds based on statistical analyses performed in-house
• We recommend clients mutual funds based on their needs and our analysis


The role of insurance as a financial planning. Insurance is an important element of any sound financial plan. Different kinds of insurance help protect you and your loved ones in different ways against the cost of accidents, illness, disability, and death.


• Commodities are “real assets”, unlike stocks and bonds, which are “financial assets”. Commodities, therefore, tend to react to changing economic fundamentals in    ways that are different from traditional financial assets
• Commodities not only offer the possibility of expected price increases but also reduce the risk in a portfolio since commodity returns have historically shown a very low    or a negative correlation with the traditional asset classes of equities and bonds, although the correlation between asset classes increased in 2008
• This diversification effect can be amplified by investments in different commodities since the price of each commodity reacts differently to economic forces and    commodity returns appear to display a low correlation to each other

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