Venture Capital

At Norrwin Consulting, we are committed to identifying, developing, and commercializing sustainable ventures that will shape the markets of tomorrow. Some of the sectors we operate in are:

1. Education
2. IT
3. Real Estate Development
4. Power
5. Hospitality

Norrwin Consulting provides and arranges risk finance for entrepreneurial growth oriented companies. It is an investment for the medium or long term seeking to maximize medium or long term returns to both parties. It is a partnership with the entrepreneur in which Norrwin Consulting brings its experience, network, and business acumen to the table. We have specialized teams in each of our core sectors to identify and structure investments in potential winners. These skilled teams also help create success by helping the companies that we invest in to grow with strategic management support and advice. This way, the companies get guidance from experienced leaders.

Some important elements to a successful investment include:

A business plan that is well thought out and realistic.
A solid management group with relevant business experience.
A well-defined niche in a large market having rapid growth.
An innovative product or service with a sustainable competitive advantage.
Key management and employees with a vested interest in the venture's success by way of profit-sharing, equity interest or both.

Corporate Debt Restructuring

The reorganization of a company's outstanding obligations, often achieved by reducing the burden of the debts on the company by decreasing the rates paid and increasing the time the company has to pay the obligation back. This allows a company to increase its ability to meet the obligations. Also, some of the debt may be forgiven by creditors in exchange for an equity position in the company.

The need for a corporate debt restructuring often arises when a company is going through financial hardship and is having difficulty in meeting its obligations. If the troubles are enough to pose a high risk of the company going bankrupt, it can negotiate with its creditors to reduce these burdens and increase its chances of avoiding bankruptcy.

Accounting, Taxation & Legal Advisory

The primary goal of the Tax Advisory practice is to optimise the client's tax burden. We achieve this by combining our up-to-date knowledge of the ever changing tax laws and compliance requirements with our knowledge of the client's business objectives to develop an effective, sustainable tax strategy.

We focuses on:

•  Direct taxes such as income, wealth and gift taxes,
•  Indirect taxes and regulations such as customs, cenvat, value added and service taxes,
•  Achieving optimised tax benefits in establishing or reorganising businesses,
•  Tax holidays, incentives, location advantages and other concessions,
•  Tax treaty and transfer pricing issues,
•  Tax implications of leasing and sale/leaseback transactions.

Real Estate Advisory

Real estate in India is witnessing exponential growth and is expected to show phenomenal progress in the coming years. The Indian real estate segment is an unorganized and high growth area. As the industry matures, we see an opportunity for diligent teams to provide financial services that would be required to take young organizations to the big league, as well as help the big players to consolidate and become more efficient.

The drivers for the real estate industry are growing demand for homes, high growth in IT and other services, the burgeoning middle class, rapid urbanization and investments in infrastructure.

We understand the real estate markets and the nuances of various formats in vogue. We employ traditional instruments and structures as well as explore creative solutions that might better fit our clients’ strategic and tactical requirements.

The real estate team leverages Norrwin’s national presence and market knowledge.

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