Investment Banking

Norrwin Consulting (P) Ltd provides four primary types of investment services: raising capital, advising in mergers and acquisitions, executing securities sales and trading, and performing general advisory services.

1. Raising Capital

Norrwin Consulting (P) Ltd. assists in raising funds to achieve a variety of objectives, such as to acquire another company, reduce its debt load, expand existing operations, or for specific project financing. Capital can include some combination of debt, common equity, preferred equity, and hybrid securities such as convertible debt or debt with warrants. Although many people associate raising capital with public stock offerings, a great deal of capital is actually raised through private placements with institutions, specialized investment funds, and private individuals. The investment bank will work with the client to structure the transaction to meet specific objectives while being attractive to investors.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions

Projects include the acquisition of a specific firm, the sale of a company or a subsidiary of the company, and assistance in identifying, structuring, and executing a merger or joint venture. In each case, Norrwin Consulting (P) Ltd. provides a thorough analysis of the entity bought or sold, as well as a valuation range and recommended structure.

3. Sales and Trading

These services are primarily relevant only to publicly traded firms, or firms which plan to go public in the near future. Specific functions include making a market in a stock, placing new offerings, and publishing research reports.

4. General Advisory Services

Advisory services include assignments such as strategic planning, business valuations, assisting in financial restructurings, and providing an opinion as to the fairness of a proposed transaction.

Who needs our services?

Any firm contemplating a significant transaction can benefit from the advice of an investment bank. Although large corporations often have sophisticated finance and corporate development departments, an investment bank provides objectivity, a valuable contact network, allows for efficient use of client personnel, and is vitally interested in seeing the transaction close. Most small to medium sized companies do not have a large in-house staff, and in a financial transaction may be at a disadvantage versus larger competitors. A quality investment banking firm can provide the services required to initiate and execute a major transaction, thereby empowering small to medium sized companies with financial and transaction experience without the addition of permanent overhead. Norrwin Consulting (P) Ltd actively participates in the project on a day-to-day basis. We have a wide network of relevant contacts, such as potential investors or companies that could be approached for acquisition.

Ongoing Support

Having worked on a transaction for your company, the Norrwin Consulting will be intimately familiar with your business. After the transaction, as a good investment banker we become a trusted business advisor that can be called upon informally for advice and support on an ongoing basis. We make sure the transaction closes, that the project is completed in an efficient time frame, and with terms that provide maximum value to the client and associates. At the same time, the client is able to focus on running the business, rather than on the day-to-day details of the transaction, knowing that the transaction is being handled by individuals with experience in executing similar projects.

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